Review Policy/Contact.


○ Accepted Books:
I accept any form of book, meaning eCopy (ePub or PDF), ARC, paperback, hardback, or audio. I prefer physical copies as I tend to read them faster. I will review nearly any fiction book, but am more likely to accept YA or children's. I have no desire to review biographies or religious material. I have the right to decline if I feel uncomfortable reviewing your book, or if it doesn't interest me.

○ Reviews:
If I agree to review your book, it does not guarantee a positive review. I will review your book honestly and to the best of my ability. If the book is something that I can not finish, either because of lack of enjoyment or distaste in content, I will notify you and not write a review. After I write the review, a link will be sent to you.

I will post the review on my Goodreads, Amazon, and blog.

*Even if I accept a review request, that does not mean it will go to my top priority. I will get to it as soon as I can, though.

○ Requesting:
If you could, please make your request easy to understand. Sticking to the following format will help.

Try to include this information when requesting:

Subject line: Review Request
Name of Book (Author)
Series/Series # (if any)

Review Deadline (if any)

*Include if the book is a standalone or part of a series. If it is in a series, please say if it is not the first in the series. I may be willing to read the previous books if they are provided.
**Include if the book needs to be reviewed by a certain date.

○ Promoting:
Any author, publisher, or publicists are free to send a request for a review, giveaway, spotlight, author interview, or blog tour to my email. When requesting, please include something in the subject line that reflects your wishes. This is to better ensure me not mistaking your request for spam.

You can contact me for reviews or questions at

Thank you,