Thursday, November 8, 2012

Booking Through Thursday. #1

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme. You are asked questions, which you can answer if you want.

1. How do storms affect your reading? Do you go for comfort reading?
I think that when it is raining, it is the perfect time to read. I agree with comfort reading as it gets your mind off of what's going on outside.

2. How do you deal with power outages? Do you read by candlelight? Flashlights? Use a self-lit e-reader or tablet? Skip reading altogether for the duration and instead play games with the family?
During power outages I don't usually read. I either sit and do next to nothing but watch the candle flames, talk to my family, or play Pokemon/Fire Emblem. I find that I play handheld video games better when it's dark.